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Tahoma Engineered Solutions Improves Capacity by Rearranging Shift Hours and Days

ASHLAND, OH (Feb. 9, 2022) -- Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts and wire formed products, recently restructured their hours of operation, which significantly increased their production capacity

"By revising our shift hours, we have been able to attract new talent," explained Jerry Lynch, General Manager of Tahoma Engineered Solutions. "The change has provided employees with a schedule that helps family lifestyles, while at the same time added operating hours to our week.”

The flexibility of nontraditional shifts also allows the company the ability to focus concentrated efforts on priority jobs which better serves the customers.

The company now operates four 10-hour days during the week and also runs a 12-hour Friday/Saturday/Sunday shift. Both precision machining parts and wire formed products have increased production capacity.

Originally, the company operated traditional first and third 8-hour shifts on a five-day work week and added a day shift option on Saturday when needed

About Tahoma Engineered Solutions

Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a business unit of Tahoma Enterprises, is ISO 9001-2015 certified. They have built a strong reputation for precision machining and are specifically known for the precision manufacture of large hydraulic manifolds and creating custom wire assemblies. For more information, call 419-496-0964 or visit

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