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Tahoma Engineered Solutions Manufacturing Facility
Tahoma Engineered Solutions Offers One-Stop-Shop Manufacturing

Metal Fabricator Combined Services from Four Companies into an Efficient Facility

ASHLAND, OHIO (Feb 26, 2021) -- Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a leading manufacturing and metal fabricator, combined the operations of four individual manufacturing companies in Ohio. The consolidated facility has proven the benefits of streamlining operations and lowering costs while offering customers more options. 

“By combining the operations, the company has increased efficiencies while lowered overhead, which has resulted in a less expensive produce without sacrificing quality,”

said Jerry Lynch, General Manager. “Since the consolidation, we’ve found that Tahoma Engineered Solutions’ state-of- the-art facility has created improved workflow and better managed inventory.”

Many of their customers of custom machined parts also had a need for unique and complex wire assemblies.

“In addition, our company’s strengthened engineering support enhanced our ability to offer complex design solutions,” explained Lynch. “Combining talent and equipment in our metal fabrication and machining processes has given us the edge.”

With operations now under one roof, customers have discovered that Tahoma Engineered Solutions is now able to product more product for less cost and save unnecessary handling.

Besides the consolidation of workflow into a streamlined the process. Careful planning during the layout and consolidation into one location helped the company to lower overhead areas and better utilize raw materials, shipping, receiving and inventory.

About Tahoma Engineered Solutions

Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a business unit of Tahoma Enterprises, is ISO 9001-2015 certified. They have built a strong reputation for precision machining and are specifically known for the precision manufacture of large hydraulic manifolds and creating custom wire assemblies. For more information, call 419-496-0964 or visit

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